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At Prop Athletic we believe in healthy living and great craftsmanship. We believe in the long run, a great cup of joe, and the morning workout. We believe that the process is always better than the achievement. We believe in classics and flawless execution. We believe in the resort town and cold beer with friends after a hard workout. We believe in the Friday evening tennis match and twenty-seven holes on a Spring Saturday. We believe no one has ever regretted a workout and that hard work is rewarded. We believe in brands that deliver and products that stand the test of time.

Looking for athletic gear that is produced with a consistent, first-rate fit, top quality performance fabrics, and a simple design shouldn’t be such a formidable task. Our frustration of not having a go-to brand that provided a reliable, high-end product with a clean look steered us to our own solution.

Prop Athletic was founded with a humble mission: Offer a brand that doesn’t sacrifice quality or style with a product line that our customer knows will deliver. We only live life once, and it’s our belief that we should live it right.


any object that transmits power by
converting rotary motion into thrust.

The Propeller

The Prop Athletic logo represents an iconic piece of equipment that is meant to be in perpetual motion. The propeller is constant and durable, pushing an object forward as a source of energy. Likewise, we hope our athletic gear propels you to take on a healthier, more meaningful lifestyle. Our belief is that a workout is good for the body and mind, creating a more productive you.

Dating back to the 3rd century, a propeller offers something that is classic in its simplistic design and timeless in its continued use. This is a perfect reflection of Prop Athletic’s style and taste. The propellers connection with travel and the good life, reflect the customers we value so much. The propeller stands for more than a simple logo, it represents a way of life.

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